About Us

The Dalhart Women’s Literary Club, in the pursuit of knowledge and culture, organized the Dalhart Public Library on October 27, 1908, with 44 volumes. In November 1920, the club formally presented to the Dallam County Commissioners their library of 1,000 volumes. The state donated 1,000 volumes, and the library was established in Dalhart in December 1920, making it the first Free County Library in the State of Texas. The Dalhart Public Library started in the basement of the Dallam County courthouse. Later, it was moved to the annex north of the courthouse. Then in 1987, a building was dedicated for the Dallam-Hartley County Library, west across Denrock Avenue. In August 2010, an addition and renovation were made to the building.

The library subscribes to the local newspaper, The Dalhart Texan. The library also provides access to public computers, printing, scanning, copying and faxing services.